Urban Push Movement is a Music/Media/Press site which was established in the Fall of 2012.



Our mission is to provide support for all artists by creating the platform for the artists to be heard.  Our markets are the Independent and local artists from all walks of life and art forms, the people of this everyday Urbanism whose voices have not quite been heard. Urban-Push wants to reach the masses, and to achieve these goals, urban-push  embraces the common goal of meeting the professional endeavors of the artist. Urban-Push will focus on the movement and processes thereof; informative topics, maximum exposure and consult which may also include service provision of professional implementation of your works.  Urban Push Movement prides itself in keeping the organic and grassroots info, commentaries and support of artists reaching the community. Mass marketing your work using our monthly scheduled events, creates a wider buzz & gives greater exposure. In other words where Urban Push can help we will! This is a collective effort which requires the energy of all involved to achieve effective results. Your art is your profession, treat it as such!! Urban Push the movement for the movements…….All Cultures/No egos!!!! Join The Fold!!! www.urbanpushmovement.com

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